Beginners Schedule - "just for starters"

"Keep me going" and "improve me" schedules

If you have been running for a little while and want to consider how to keep going or are an athlete looking for the next level of improvement, these example training weeks may provide some inspiration...
If you have only just started running, this is a schedule to help you progress to a 30 minute, non stop run which will allow you to progress to the "keep me going" and "improve me" schedules
The Just for starters schedule
Example training weeks

In need of motivation?

Calming pre race nerves

If you find yourself lacking a little motivation and need some hints and tips to help get you back on track, click here....
If you find yourself a little anxious about an upcoming race or even about joining a new group, these tips might help....
Motivation tips and ideas
Dealing with pre race nerves

​Race Time Calculator

​Lacelock system to prevent blisters

Here is a link to a great tool that Runners World have that allows you to calculate an accurate prediction for your next race. The tool takes into account 2 recent races and also the number of miles you plan to cover in training to make the calculation more accurate for Marathons. 
This is one of the clearest explanation videos I have seen on how to make use of those extra holes at the top for lacing your trainers. The system creates a lock that prevents slipping inside the trainer and thus can be an effective way of preventing blisters.
Race Time Calculator
Lacelock explaination video